Preschool to kindergarten – making the transition easier

We know your days are busy, but you won’t want to miss this! Listen as LeAndra provides great info. from the St. Joseph School District as well as tips and resources on classroom setup to IEPs, helping educators understand your … Continuado


The first IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting can be stressful for parents. They have learned their student has a learning disability and most likely have so many questions, fearful of what the future holds. The link below focuses on concerns … Continuado

Special Education – What do YOU need to know

There is often confusion about what options are available for students who are not making progress in school and/or who have barriers to learning. Whether the issue surrounds academic difficulties, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, social and/or behavioral disorders, or mental … Continuado

Accessible Apartment Available

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LOOK! Available now – Two bedroom accessible apartment at Keystone Place, 3812 Pickett Road, St. Joseph MO. Qualifying households must meet income and program requirements. The apartment has the following accommodations: central air, appliances, phone and cable hookups, laundry facilities, … Continuado

Está sucediendo y usted puede ayudar a detenerlo

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Las estadísticas son alarmantes. Los adultos con discapacidades intelectuales / de desarrollo (I / DD) están sufriendo abusos verbales, fiscales, físicos y sexuales. El abuso es frecuente y generalizado, ocurre de muchas maneras y ocurre repetidamente a las víctimas con todo tipo de discapacidades. y ... Continuado

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