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Community Engagement & Education

Progressive Community Services believes in the power of speaking about issues.

We seek opportunities for learning and collaborating with community businesses, organizations and individuals.

Together, we can affect community wide beliefs through engagement and initiatives that increase inclusion and quality of
life for all.


In partnership with agencies and organizations in Buchanan County, we work together to educate people with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community about issues that affect the disability community. Here are just a few of the partnerships we're proud of. See our Tax Levy & Funding page for even more partnerships.

G.O.O.D. Day

GOOD Day is an annual event designed for transition aged youth (ages 14-20).  Teens engage with their peers in fun activities that help them consider their vision for a good life. They will think about each domain of life such as Community Living, Daily Life and Employment, Social and Spirituality, Citizenship and Advocacy, Healthy Living, and Safety and Security.  To learn more about GOOD day, email

Regional Transition Network (RTN)

The Regional Transition Network (RTN) is a group of community partners that work together to increase options for transition aged youth in Buchanan County.  The RTN is designed to build partnerships between local resources, providers, and the local school district in an effort to increase education around post-secondary options including college, technical school, employment, etc. To learn more about the RTN, email

Health Matters

Health Matters is an 8-week course commitment that covers health and wellness topics such as eating, physical activity, mental health, etc. Health Matters is designed for all ability levels. Each class gives them (and their staff) ideas to consider to help them reach their goals.  To learn more about the class, or to find out when the next class starts, email

Living Well Grant – Buchanan County Collaborative

PCS is excited to be part of the Living Well grant work, administered by UMKC. Living Well is a national grant focused on building the capacity of the HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) systems to enhance community monitoring to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  Further, the grant seeks to promote health, safety, independence and inclusion, all things that lead to a higher quality of life.

The Buchanan County collaborative formed in 2019, and is made up of community providers, advocates, families and people who receive supports.

To learn more about the Living Well grant, visit this link:

To learn more about our local collaborative, or to join the next meeting, email

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

-Margaret J. Wheatley

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