Navegando la vida con una discapacidad de desarrollo puede ser complejo. Hemos cogido recursos para usted, organizado por categorías de edad. Hacer un click en una edad abajo para ver recursos que se pueden ayudar.

Recursos por edad

Charting the LifeCourse Prenatal and Infancy icon

y Infancia

0 - 2 años


Charting the LifeCourse Early Childhood icon

Niñez temprana

3 - 5 años

Charting the LifeCourse School Age icon

La edad escolar

5 - 13 años

Charting the LifeCourse Adulthood

La edad adulta

22 - 60 años

Charting the LifeCourse Aging icon

La tercera edad

60 - 110 años

Featured Resources

Logo: StationMD

The Disability Portal is the State of Missouri’s disability resource website. It includes links to federal and state programs and services for Missourians with disabilities, provides information on laws, rights, and etiquette, and offers a searchable resource directory on local disability service organizations.

Logo: StationMD

StationMD is now working with the Missouri Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide 24/7 access to emergency medicine physicians to address any non life-threatening medical concerns or answer any medical questions.

Medicaid Waiver Recipients through the Missouri Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities are eligible and preregistered to begin using StationMD IMMEDIATELY for any medical concerns.  You can reach StationMD when you have a medical concern by calling 1-877-STATMDS (782-8637).  A StationMD physician will then do an assessment via the telephone or through the StationMD App if a smart phone or tablet is available.


Logo: Show Me Hope Missouri

Show Me Hope is Missouri’s crisis counseling program (CCP) in response to a disaster or critical event. Counselors are based in the local community to teach coping and stress management skills to anyone dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty caused by the event. The CCP helps individuals and communities recover from natural and human-caused disasters through community outreach and access to resources including mental health services.


Explorar sus derechos en empleo, vivienda, servicios y más

Learn about key laws and regulations that support your rights

Encontrar la definicion de manual de "discapacidad de desarrollo"

Tomar cursos virtuales de temas comunes que tratan de vida con una discapacidad

Conseguir herramientas para planear por una vida buena

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