¿Qué pasa con mis sueños?

¿Qué pasa con mis sueños? Trayectoria de vida

As each new person enters this world and even before they actually enter people have dreams for them. Some people have more specific dreams about their children, grandchildren etc. but most people vision a healthy, happy person with friends, interests to pursue and some sort of path. Go to school, maybe college, enter into a significant relationship, possibly marriage, find work they enjoy and are good at so they can support themselves, hobbies that interest them etc. People with developmental disabilities and their families are not different in this way at all. For this to be possible, people with developmental disabilities must be exposed to opportunities and they must be treated with respect and dignity. Often it is difficult to keep those dreams and vision of a good life or to even identify them at some junctures. Charting the LifeCourse tools, LifeCourse Nexus, help with this over the lifespan. During the early years parents and service providers naturally have greater input, but as the person develops their own tastes, preferences and aspirations, those become the drivers behind what supports and services are needed and how they are delivered.

El proceso de creación de gráficos incluye a familias, profesionales y proveedores de servicios, pero en última instancia gira en torno a ayudar al individuo a disfrutar de la vida que más desea vivir.

los Charting the LIfeCourse: Experiences and Questions Booklet can help you think through questions and experiences that you may need along your trajectory.

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Life Trajectory Worksheet

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Charting the LifeCourse Porfolio

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