Vision, Mission and Values

Down Syndrome 7

Our Vision

An inclusive community where all people have value.

Our Mission

Build relationships that will inspire positive social change, empower people and challenge the status quo.

Our Values

  • Partnerships to support a full spectrum of opportunities
  • Embracing innovation to empower employees and individuals
  • Ethically driven decisions and actions
    View our Ethical Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)
  • Facilitate meaningful lives through integrated supports, inclusion and relationships
  • Promote health and safety while supporting freedom of choice

Person-Centered Support

Person-centered support means that our starting and ending point is always how to help a person with a developmental disability live the life they choose to live. Our focus is on supporting the individual to achieve personal goals and dreams. We work in tandem with family members and others as identified by the individual.

A person-centered approach asks the individual about personal preferences, goals and dreams. This kind of approach celebrates all of life’s possibilities for the individual. It is an attitude that says “how can we help you live the life you desire the most?”

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