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Family Navigation

Family Navigation is the front door or starting point to Progressive Community Services. They can help answer the questions you have or get you started into formalized services if you feel that’s the best fit for you!  

Each Family Navigator you connect with will use their lived experience to provide peer support along with information and referral about the local, state, and national resources, services and supports you need to meet your needs now and in the future.  

The interactions are person-driven, which means you do not have to enroll in a program or commit to visits at the office or in your home. We can provide support to you on the phone or remotely if that’s easier for your schedule. Even though you don’t have to commit to a service plan, you can call back if you need us again in the future.  

PCS Family Navigators

Very easy and fast. Should have done this a long time ago. It seemed much harder on my own.

A quick look at supports provided by the family navigation team:

Information about resources and explanations on how to access them


Assistance completing a DMH/ ARO application


Custom resource and planning sessions

Help to establish a vision for the future using Charting the LifeCourse

Connection to a statewide mentorship program

Good Life Groups An action-based workshop to help you navigate to your “good life.”

“I was provided with the guidance, tools, resources and support needed to accomplish my goals for my child. I could not have been successful in this journey without (PCS) navigating me.”


of families we serve reported that Family Navigation listened to and responded to their needs


of families we serve reported that Family Navigation gave them new information and/or ideas to think about


of families we serve reported their overall experience with Family Navigation as Excellent


Si usted necesita cualquier información adicional sobre los servicios que ofrecemos en Progressive Community Services, por favor, no deje de contactar a Consuelo Davis, nuestro traductor de Ingles y Español. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudar!

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A PCS Family Navigator can help you determine your needs, help diffuse crisis, and connect you with resources.

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