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Support Coordination

Welcome to Support Coordination!

Support Coordination offers you a relationship with a professional to help ensure careful planning, linking to helpful resources, and coordination of services and supports.

At the core, our Support Coordinators (SC’s):

  • Work with people to establish a team of support. Teams are typically made up of people that are important to the person (family, friends, natural supports) and professional supports.
  • Develop a Person-Centered Plan: working with each person and their team to develop a plan of support that helps the person reach their version of their best life.
  • Connect people to appropriate funds/funded services and community resources that can aid in their goals and vision.
  • Monitor funded services to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the person being supported.

Support Coordinators also utilize Charting the LifeCourse principles and tools, along with evidence-based practices, in the advocacy, empowerment, and pursuit of equal rights and fully inclusive lives.

Photo: PCS Support coordinator working with a person

“We appreciate the hard work the Support Coordinator puts in for our family to help meet our goals and to make our lives so much better.”

“It is comforting to know that the Support Coordinator is available to help us if a need arises.  We know that she will work to see that any problem is resolved.”


agree that ‘My Support Coordinator takes time to listen to me and values my opinions.’


agree that ‘My Support Coordinator knows me and what is important to me.’


agree that 'My Support Coordinator gave me new information and/or ideas to think about.’

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