What exactly does that mean – creating the best life? Being rich, more vacations, more “things”? In a word: NO. Think about creating a life of happiness, health and success with the help of family, friends and outside supports. If you have spent any time at all around Progressive Community Services, the words “LifeCourse Tools” have been heard. The core belief of the LifeCourse framework is that “All people have the right to live, love, work, play and pursue their life aspirations in their community.”

We support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to navigate through all stages of life to maximize their unique strengths and abilities. The goal is to achieve self-determination, interdependence, productivity, integration and inclusion in community life. The best way to let you know about LifeCourse is not with words and definitions, but real-life stories and how lives can be changed and a wonderful future can be created:
– Zach is a young man who is employed at a local workshop. He started there about a year ago riding the bus was not even a consideration because he was convinced riding the bus would make him sick. (Because he got the flu the day after his first bus ride, he always thought it was the bus that made him sick.) After almost a year of trying to convince him otherwise, he agreed to give it a try again and with some assistance from his brother he now rides the bus five days a week.
– Francis and his sister reconnected after not having contact for several years. They get together a few times a year and write letters back and forth. His connection with his sister is very important as she is the only remaining direct family member. Having personal connections is vital to a happy and successful life.

You can see these tools are not just for people with disabilities. They can be used by anyone to help chart a course and consider what they want their future to look like. Whether it is through family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. we are connected with others who help us navigate our everyday lives. If you are interested in learning more about LifeCourse Tools, visit https://progressivecommunityservices.com/where-do-i-start/what-about-my-dreams/ or contact Colette at Progressive Community Services at 816-364-3827.

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