DJ first came to PCS in 2017, newly diagnosed with Autism. He was struggling in school and his parents were concerned about his social anxiety. When he transitioned to middle school, his Support Coordinator encouraged him to lead his own IEP meeting. Despite how nervous he was, he did it! That moment was monumental for him, helpinghim recognize the power of his voice.

“Just be yourself and do your best and not to give up. You have to have faith and believe in yourself. Though it’s hard sometimes, try not to worry about what others think… go for it! “


Over the years, the more he learned about his autism, the more he used that information to propel and motivate himself. He continued to speak up for himself. We’re excited to report that DJ has been accepted into Washburn University! He will be studying criminal justice next fall. People, DJ is going places!

“I admire DJ’s resilience because he is self motivated and someone who works hard and doesn’t give up easily.”

-Jodi, DJ’s Support Coordinator at PCS

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