Family Tech Hacks

PCS is hosting a FREE tech hack event and invites you to come visit with families who use technology and apps every day. Our speakers will share how they have integrated tech hacks into their lives to provide independence, safety and security and much more! This is NOT a vendor fair!

Families will share technology that works for them and can work for you too! (Note: There will be individual sessions throughout the day for your convenience!)

Feel free to stop in for a little while or stay all day. 



  • Individual tech demonstrations will be held throughout the day
  • Bring your Alexa, Echo, iPad, etc. to get help with downloading apps and using your devices


Light refreshments will be available. Feel free to bring a lunch!

Be our guest at the Family Tech Hacks Event

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Event Schedule


  Board Room Meeting Room B Training Room Break Room
Tara Shade, Mom
Snacks, drinks,
casual tech networking
10:00 AM
10:30 Everyday Apps
Colette Canchola, Mom
11:30 IPADS for Communication
Liz Galt, Self-Advocate
12:00 PM ALEXA
Tara Shade, Mom
Michele Thomason, Mom
12:30 Nest and Google Home
Rachel Hiles, millennial caregiver
1:00 Everyday Apps
Colette Canchola, Mom
1:30 IPADS for Communication
Liz Galt, Self-Advocate
2:00 ALEXA
Tara Shade, Mom
Michele Thomason, Mom
2:30 Nest and Google Home
Rachel Hiles, millennial caregiver


Photo: Tara Shade, parent, Columbia

Tara Shade, Mom, will be sharing from one parent to other parents about how her family has utilized Alexa to assist all of her children to be more independent. She will talk specifically about how she uses Alexa/Echo Dot with their 15 year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum. She can coach you on how to set up the app on your phone and begin using Alexa immediately. Bring your Alexa, too, and get help setting up app.

Photo: Liz Galt


Liz Galt, Self-Advocate will explain how the Proloquo2 app helps children and adults who are non-verbal to communicate and build their language skills. Hear about her non-profit program, Liza’s iPads for Autism.

Photo: Colette Canchola

Colette Canchola, Mom, will share how she and her son used everyday technology they already owned for new purposes and her favorite free apps to help she and her son navigate the community safely and reduce anxiety without breaking the bank. The hacks featured in this session will range from free to $100 and can be purchased locally or on sites like

Photo: Michele Thomason

Michele Thomason, Mom, will show you how her family uses Google Keep to help them stay organized, by color coding information by class period or teacher,
scheduling reminders for assignments, setting due dates, and saving audio, photos, and clippings from the web. Bring your device to get help in setting up the app.

Photo: Rachel and Barbara Hiles

Rachel Hiles, millennial caregiver to her grandma, Barbara, will share how she uses Nest, a popular off-shelf technology. Rachel will show you how Nest helps her help Grandma stay warm and comfortable and safe and secure. She will also bring information comparing similar products and services.

The event is free, but we need your RSVP!

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