In this episode, Colette interviewed Courtney Alsup and David Rotert, both parents of children with disabilities and Partners in Policymaking graduates. She talked to them about their experience completing their final project for Partners, which took them on a journey to stop discrimination against people with disabilities in the healthcare realm.

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My name is Courtney Alsup, and I grew up in the Kansas City area. My parents, along with my sister, brother-in-law and niece also live in Kansas City. I keep busy as a mom to seven-year-old twins, a daughter and son. My daughter is on the autism spectrum. We have three pets that also keep us busy! I am a former elementary school teacher but made a switch to the real estate profession in 2014. My family and I love to be outside! You’ll often find us at the park, zoo, taking a walk or riding bikes on a local trail. We also love to read, play games, and travel.




My name is David Rotert. I am a married father of two girls, one of which has a developmental disability called Central Core Disease. I attended Iowa State University for Chemical Engineering where I met my wife Julia. We settled in Kansas City where we have raised our family. In 2019, I attended the 25th session of the Missouri Partners in Policymaking course, which strengthened my advocacy skills. It was here that I met Courtney Alsup and gave us the information that allowed us to work with Senator Lauren Arthur to pass legislation to prevent discrimination for organ transplants based on disabilities in the 2020 legislative session. I am a fierce advocate for access and equality for all individuals with medical needs and disabilities, both physical and cognitive. I hope that I can continue to help advocate and better the lives of those with disabilities in the future.




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