Commitment to Quality

Here at Progressive Community Services, we are committed to making sure the services we provide are high quality. We are so concerned with quality, we have dedicated staff that work hard every day to make sure we are meeting our quality standards.


OUR Quality Enhancement Department

Ensures ongoing quality enhancement through the lens of Charting the Life Course and The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), while collecting meaningful data to develop and communicate reports that drive decisions.

Quality Enhancement Manager

  • Leads CQL Accreditation Process- completes internal and external audits- utilize data for decision making processes.

Data Specialist

  • Processes record   requests, including     intake/transfer/                     discharge   documentation                   and file set-up.
  • Works closely with the Support Coordination team to ensure databases possess correct information.

Quality Support Coordinator

  • Completes MOCABI assessments and Personal Outcome measure interviews.
  • Works to keep CQL at the forefront of the agency.

English-Spanish- Interpreter/Translator

  • Works with our Spanish speaking families and Support Coordinators.
  • Our translator has a better understanding of what our organizations vision, mission and values are, as opposed to a contracted outside translator.

    How PCS Measures Quality

    PCS is accredited by The Council on Quality Leadership. Below, you can learn more about how this drives the work we do everyday to support individuals with developmental disabilities in Buchanan County.

    What is CQL?

    Since 1969, CQL has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure, and improve quality of life and quality of services for youth, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities.



    A common understanding of the term accreditation involves the formal recognition of an organization for attaining a specified set of standards, often viewed as merely “passing a test.” CQL’s Accreditation approach is more about being on a journey toward ongoing organizational transformation.

    Rather than receiving a “passing score,” it is about choosing the right path and making measurable progress. CQL will meet organizations where they are and help them move to a better place.


    What are POM’s?

    Personal Outcome Measures® are a powerful tool to ensure supports and services are truly person-centered. In a Personal Outcome Measures® interview, 21 indicators are used to understand the presence, importance and achievement of outcomes, involving choice, health, safety, social capital, relationships, rights, goals, dreams, employment and more.

    The insight gained during a Personal Outcome Measures® interview can then be used to inform a person-centered plan, and at an aggregate level, influence an organization’s strategic plan.


    PCS Journey

    Progressive Community Services received their first Quality Assurances Accreditation in 2015. The agency worked through their action plan and when their term ended in 2018, the agency moved up to the next level, Personal-Centered Excellence. This level is a four year term and CQL will be back for their on-site visit in 2022.

    Throughout the process the agency continues to work on enhancing policies and practices to benefit the lives of the employees and people that are supported.

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