In this episode, Colette sat down and spoke with Jess Gould. Jess is the Youth Services Department Manager at the East Hills Library, a branch of the St. Joseph Public Library system.

In this interview, Jess shared a little bit of her background and then dived into how libraries can assist people with disabilities and how they are changing to keep up with technology. Our favorite part was when she coined her role as being “The Cool Aunt of the Helping Community.”

Jess is a very down to earth and a compassionate person. Our community is very fortunate to have her as the Cool Aunt 😎📚

We hope you enjoy getting to know her and the library as much as we did!

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About our Guest

Photo: Jess Gould, Youth Services Department Manager at the East Hills LibraryJess Gould is the Youth Services Department Manager at the East Hills Library. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with an emphasis on Community Relations. She is currently attending Valdosta State University pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences.

Jess is passionate about serving her community and connecting people with the information they need. She has worked with the St. Joseph Public Library since moving to the area in 2013.





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