2021… what can we say?

We saw another year of adapting and changing after all of every single one of our ways of life, the entire developmental disabilities field, and our global culture as we know it were turned upside down thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Through it all, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in Buchanan County continues to be our North Star. 

We spent last year reflecting inward as an organization to ensure how we operate is moving us in the direction we dream of when we envision the kind of Buchanan County we want to live and work in – an inclusive community where we all have value. We are excited to share a new set of values with you. 

Find that and more inside to find out what the PCS team was up to in 2021. 


2021 Annual Report

PCS is proud to present to the public our 2021 Annual Report. You can open and download it by clicking on the report image or by visiting Our Impact page.


What’s Inside

  • From the Desk of Our Director
  • Partnership Pivots During
  • PCS Website Redesign
  • Support Coordination Continues to Adapt
  • Family Navigation: Sharing Lived Experience
  • L.E.A.D. Project
  • HUD Housing Department Update
  • Featured Initiative: Little LifeCourse
  • Meet PCS’ Newest Leadership St. Joseph Alum
  • Featured Initiative: St. Joseph Public Library
  • Financials

PCS would like to thank our hard-working team, community partners, and all of the individuals and families we support for helping us move toward an inclusive community where all people have value. 

Cover of PCS annual report

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