2020 was a year like no other. We grew and changed with the challenges and unique circumstances served to us by a global pandemic. Through it all, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in Buchanan County remained our guiding light.

We hope you enjoy reflecting on 2020 as much as we did. Despite the obstacles and losses we all faced, there is still so much to celebrate!

2020 Annual Report

PCS is proud to present to the public our 2020 Annual Report. You can open and download it by clicking on the report image or by visiting the Our Impact page.


What’s Inside

  • From the Desk of Our Director
  • A Special Thank You
  • PCS Branches Out to the Air Waves: Building Buchanan Podcast
  • Service Highlights
  • In-person and Virtual Training
  • Cultivating Community Leaders
  • Financials

PCS would like to thank our hard-working team, community partners, and all of the individuals and families we support for helping us move toward an inclusive community where all people have value. 

Image: Cover of 2020 Progressive Community Services Annual Report

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